Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Lisa's Team

For her Ready Steady Riders, Lisa has held on to the mainstays of last season's line-up in the shape of Alessandro Petacchi, Tom Boonen and Robbie McEwan and (as is her wont) has secured the services of the new World Champion, Paolo Bettini. Brad McGee and Roger Hammond return alongside Iban Mayo Diez, Thomas Voekler and Salvatore Comesso.


Steve's Team

Unsurprisingly, this season's line-up of Steve's Nightowlers looks fairly familiar compared to last year. The team is spearheaded for the third year runnning by the trio of Erik Zabel, Alexandre Vinokourov and Ivan Basso. Thor Hushovd returns for a second season and David Millar and Bradley Wiggins are also retained. Unable to afford to retain the services of superstar Alejandro Valverde, the team line-up is completed by new domestiques Mark Cavendish, Nicholas Roche and Steve Cummings.


Monday, 5 February 2007


As has become our custom, Lisa & I will be adding to our interest in this year's professional cycling season by following the fortunes of our own fantasy cycling teams. We've been doing this since 1997. We select our teams on the basis of each rider "costing" his total UCI ranking points earned last season divided by ten and rounded to the nearest five, with a minimum cost of twenty points and a maximum of 200. We allow each team 550 points on this basis, with nine riders to be selected. No more than two riders in each team can be selected from the same real life trade team. Throughout the season we score our riders performances in all the major races according to the points system adapted from one used by Roger Hughes in his Fantasy Cycling League.